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Our Services

CRESCENT Translate has years of experience in translation, localization, transcreation, transcription and SEO writing. We are constantly developing our ability to improve quality and reduce costs by hiring qualified translators and proofreaders and expanding our glossaries and style guides. Every day, we handle small to large projects with unparalleled accuracy and fast turnaround times.


Translation Services

CRESCENT Translate is a language service provider offering professional translation services to companies and organizations around the world.


Localization Services

Translation is the process of transferring a source-language version of web content into another language, but localization is more far-reaching.


Transcreation Services

Audio transcription is the process of converting audible content into written text. All transcripts are typed by our experienced team and delivered in Microsoft Word format.


MTPE Services
(Machine Translation+Post Edit)

 MTPE would be a good option for a company if the goal is to have a high volume of content translated in a short amount of time.


Transcription Services

Transcreation service is extremely important for any competitive marketing department, because translators go beyond translating what needs to be translated.


SEO Writing

In the competitive online world, search engines play an important role in getting website traffic, and any serious website owner would agree that SEO is crucial to success.

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