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Translation Services

CRESCENT Translate is a language service provider offering professional translation services to companies and organizations around the world. We specialize in Asian language translation, providing high quality and accurate language translations when professional results are critical.


At CRESCENT Translate, our goal is to help our clients succeed by providing timely and cost-effective language solutions. We can help your business gain a competitive edge by overcoming the language barrier with proven quality and reliability.


Japanese translation services designed to cater various industries

  • Life Science & Pharmaceutical

  • Medical Device

  • Technology

  • E-commerce

  • Finance

Translation Services

  •  Documents (catalogues, brochures, user manuals, academic essays, newsletters, press releases, etc.)

  •     Websites and localization

  •     Technical

  •     Pharmaceutical and medical (medical reports, journals, articles, clinical trials, etc.)

  •     Legal (contracts, agreements, etc.)

  •     Patent

  •     Conference materials (presentations slides, handouts, etc.)

  •     Academic and research papers

  •     Certified documents (academic records and diplomas, birth/marriage/death certificates, family registries, etc.)

  •     Business cards

  •     Communication and correspondence (business letters, corporate training materials, e-mails, etc.)

  •     Subtitles (movies, videos, etc.)

  •     Transcriptions

  •     Publications (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.)

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